Struggles Build Determination Jackets

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This design shows the CEO’s life and everything she has been through throughout her journey on her own for the last 7 years. From homelessness to depression and anger and pain. To the temptation to do anything necessary for money to eat. Multiple thoughts of suicide because she didn’t want to keep dealing with the same pain over and over again. However, throughout all these obstacles she never lost her faith. The middle shows a woman who is naked and praying because she wanted to portray an image to show how comfortable she is in her skin. It shows how she is free to do whatever she wants to do as long as she keeps her faith. The right side of the image shows where she wants to be in life (peace, happiness, comfort and stress free)

It’s a very detailed image with a very strong meaning! She never regrets what she goes through because it has made her stronger, as it has matured her so much throughout her life. Not only that but she now values herself and loves herself more than ever and knows her worth!