My name is Aliesha Renea and I'm the founder of Aliesha Renea brand, a unique clothing brand for women and men. It is a street style awareness brand that builds strength and empowerment. I started this brand in a shelter in 2016 when I was at a very low point in my life. I struggled with depression and also I noticed the people around me did as well. I decided to start this brand to show that anything is possible and to help other people who are going through the same issues. I also write poetry so I wanted to also bring awareness to societal issues. My motto is to “Be Aware In Style” 🤗 I focus on mental health, domestic violence, body shaming, etc. My mission is to bring awareness to these issues through fashion using my own personal life experiences and creating designs that are relatable. I know these issues already exist in society but that doesn’t mean people don’t brush them away because they are fighting their own trauma!! I create my OWN images based on MY life and the things I been through. My own style. My own fabric. My own ideas. Your support is needed to help my brand expand and continue to spread awareness to all these societal issues. Trust me you will love the quality. You will love the colors. You will love the message!! Shop! Share! SUPPORT! 🌻